How to Enjoy Nature?

A Few years ago, I’ve seen a picture of this lagoon, don’t ever remember where.I didn’t know where is it in the world, but I promised myself, one day I”ll get there. So here I am. Actually, I never liked hiking so much for many reasons-the heat, sweat, heaviness on the back and pain in the muscles. However, I do remember the first time U went for a real one week “trek”, with hiking polls and everything, in Nepal.I remember the excitement of the first steps on the trail, and the views that were so different to me. “there! I’m doing it!”, I was thinking as the view of the Himalayas were stunning and amazing me. I enjoyed the experience so much that since then I just conquered more and more summits in the Mountains of Asia, hiked between b...

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Young Professional international Society- Women Share Ideas and Content Regarding their True Interest and Passions.

My passion is to write, as it allows me to share my personal experiences and thoughts with the rest of the world. As I am always coming up with ideas, I feel the need to share them with other like minded people. Business, fashion and health are among some of the topics I like to write about. Even though I am not an expert in any of these specific topics, I still feel that I can contribute a small amount to each one. Unfortunately, in most of the cases these ideas stay hidden, as I find myself lacking a forum to share such ideas. Myself included, I know a many intelligent young women who have great ideas and great ability to express these by writing. Unfortunately, most of these smart ideas are lost due to a lack of a proper place to share them and allow them grow. Although the world in con...

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