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Changing my brand name – one of the hardest decisions I had to take in my life! 

Sometimes we fall in love with our brand name; we see the purpose/ idea behind it, we like the sound, we like how the letters look together, we already have loyal clients that know us by this name … but this name is stopping us. 
“Please Don’t spend another dollar before you change your brand name. It might take a few days of really annoying work, but if you want to see your brand flourish in the international market it is worth every second”. I will never forget my friend’s face when she told me these words, looking at me with puppy eyes. I knew how hard it was for her to say to me this bitter truth- my brand’s name will stop me in the future’s perspective, And no matter how hard it is now, this name has to change.
There can be a lot of reasons for this: another brand that has a similar name and it creates confusion, the sound remind’s/ associates with a negative meaning, the word has a bad translation in a foreign language, people find it hard to pronounce it and more…
My story was a combination of some of them. My brand is a social network for women that was called YPiS .YPiS stands for Young Professional International Society.
now, start to say it load 
The right pronunciation is yapies  
In English it reminds the words Wipes and piss. my American friends were used to remind me that. Funny right? 
Also after some research, I realized that Though I thought yuppie is a cool thing (young professional), this is actually a derogatory term (language barrier…) 
Last, no one, even my partners, knee how to pronounce it correctly especially with my domain name (myypis.com) there was always a confusion!  
So I made a decision, one of the hardest since I started my business. And I did it now. 
It might take me ten steps back, but these ten steps will allow me to move 100 steps forward! 
By YPiS, Hello – Wishe! The place for women to create & promote their brand and connect with women all around the world! So… stop wishing, start doing! 

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I am Or Tuvia, Founder and CEO of “Wishe” (former ypis), a social media platform that creates a connection between professional women all around the world and allows them to , create and promote their brand and connect with women all around the world, within the mission to help them make their passion to become a profitable business. I am a young woman working on my Master’s of Science in Marketing. After my two years with the IDF, I began to travel the world while also working remotely in the marketing field. I have many interests including fashion, wellness and the arts but couldn’t focus on one. Always being an ambitious person looking for direction, it was at this point of my life that I found my passion in life. That is the passion to write. However, I found myself lacking the platform to share my knowledge and experiences. My travels allowed me to meet like-minded women that also shared these same concerns. Now, while working on my Masters it came to me that I would like to create such a platform where women can not only share their passions with one another but also a platform that promotes them. My travels and experience have allowed me to build great communication skills with people of all walks of life. Furthermore, through my past experience, I have expertise in Marketing, Adwords, WordPress, as well as Brand Building. All of these attributes which I plan to share with professional women and to help further their endeavors.

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