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How I Became the Masters of Not-Paying-Overweight?

There are many things I am good at but there is one thing that I am the master in coming to the airport with too much weight and managing to avoid any additional costs. you can call it skimming, but I think those airlines that overcharge us for the three extra kilos are the biggest frauds. And let’s face it, we girls really need all our 12 pairs of shoes that we take with us for one week in Mexico.

So how I became the masters of not-paying-overweight?
Well, I think that being an international poor student with a great desire for traveling at a low cost was one of the key components. after three years living abroad flight back and forth from Israel to America, taking all my life over and over again, plus countless short flights inside the United state (what can I say, I am adventurous) I developed some really impressive skills and now I am willing to share them with some other adventure seeking women like me.

So, I am not going to teach you what you do not need or how to organize your suitcase to make more space, because we both know that no matter how you organize it, it is not going to change the final weight. plus, you don’t need a me in order to know that if you need to sit on your suitcase to close it you are, my dear, suffering from overweight. Also I am not going to teach you how to avoid it- I will teach you how to avoid paying for it.

1. The packaging – the first thing is how you pack your stuff in a way that you can take some of them out and transfer them to your carry-on if needed (and we already know it will be needed). So, the heaviest items in your suitcase are probably going to be your shoes, so once you pack your stuff leave the shoes to the end and put all of them together in one bag, or if you like them and want to keep them safe just put each pair in a plastic bag but just make sure that they are all on the top of your suitcase. Why are we not putting them already in the carry on? This is all part of the plan- keep reading:)

2. What you leave outside- maybe the shoes are the heaviest but the coats are the most space consuming and probably the second heaviest items in your luggage. Leaving them out saves you both weight and space. What I usually do is to take the heaviest shoes and two of my heaviest coats and put them on. I know you want to look fabulous for your annual vacation selfie but trust me-looking like Christmas in August is still worth the 100 dollars saved from paying overweight. I still remember myself landing in Hawaii with my fur coat (artificial one!) and two towers stuck to my feet (A.K.A platform shoes), it was worth it. And you can always change in the minute you get your bag back and start your vacation with some extra cash for shopping.

3. My little secret- once I spend 20 dollars in Walmart that probably return their investment at least 100 times. so here is my secret- the carry-on I have is actually bigger than the size allowed, but its elastic material that makes it look like a kitbag or a “gym bag” make it both lighter and bigger, plus it has wheels for easy to carry.
So basically you have a half size extra suitcase to put all your heavy stuff.

Who needs acting class?- So no you are all packed and ready for your amazing vacation (or business trip) standing in front of that lady/gentleman from the airport company, you can feel your heart beating under the four layer of cloth that I told you to wear to earn some more space and pounds, and you ready for the most scary moment i this vacation (and I don’t mean to the free-skydiving in Argentina)- weighing the suitcase.
And yes, despite all your afford you still have some extra pound. so this is the time to remember the drama class your mom sent you when you were 6 and make the puppy eyes. well, it not quite works without showing a real effort. so you will ask her to excuse you and in the middle of the airport open your suitcase. now you remember the shoe you were supposed to leave on the top of the suitcase, now is the time to (dramatically) move them to the carry-on. now it is not an accurate science but from my experience, (and 100% success) once she sees you really trying, even if you still have some extra pounds they will not charge you. in fact, in some of my flight, they end up letting me send also the carry on for free after they realize that I am not going to pay.

Don’t mass up in the second round- but in case it did not happen and you are still stuck with a really heavy carry on, I just want to make sure that you not going to mass it all in the boarding (remember, your carry on is more like a small suitcase which now probably weight like a small elephant). so once you get to the gate just do the last effort and instead of rolling the carry on just hold it on your shoulder. and once you pass the guard you are done.

Have a safe flight ๐Ÿ™‚

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