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How to Enjoy Nature?

A Few years ago, I’ve seen a picture of this lagoon, don’t ever remember where.
I didn’t know where is it in the world, but I promised myself, one day I”ll get there.
So here I am.

Actually, I never liked hiking so much for many reasons-the heat, sweat, heaviness on the back and pain in the muscles. However, I do remember the first time U went for a real one week “trek”, with hiking polls and everything, in Nepal.
I remember the excitement of the first steps on the trail, and the views that were so different to me.
“there! I’m doing it!”, I was thinking as the view of the Himalayas were stunning and amazing me. I enjoyed the experience so much that since then I just conquered more and more summits in the Mountains of Asia, hiked between beautiful rice terraces in the Philippines, climbed on volcanos, desserts and so on.
No matter how hard it is, the view is always worth it.
Most of the times, it feels even better to reach the view after a long effort and not just getting there by car- working hard to see a view makes you feel that you earned it.

However, when I finally hiked laguna 69 I felt lost.
I have to admit that after so much experience in hiking I definitely improved myself in matter of organization, got better equipment and even better mental preparation- there is no steep, high or difficult track that frightens me.
But there is one thing i never managed to improve: my walking paste.
I just can’t walk fast. It would be accurate to say that i’m slow as a turtle. My psychologist says maybe it’s not even related to my physical shape, but to the fact I have concentration problems, and how can you walk fast when you are surrounded by such beautiful views which are constantly distracting you?

I was exhausted. I just set in front of this beautiful waterfall just to take a zip of water and the guide is already telling me to move on because there is a lot more until the lagoon.
Here, there is the softest grass fields in the world in front of white snow mountains and flowers and there is even a small river, but I didn’t even stop because everybody were way further then me. I haven’t eat for 4 hours and I never had the time to go to toilet.
When I was a guide in the scouts, I used to give time for breaks to the kids only when the last one would arrived. The others just gained more time to rest and enjoy the nature. I even remember a nice story i’ve been taught while serving as education counselor in the army: there is a picture of pack of wolfs walking in the snow. Guess who is at the first line leading the paste? Always the eldest of the pack (tiny hint).

Why always as I get last one to the group, tow minutes later everybody are getting up and continue when I barely have the time to sit and drink (of course not even checking the view), like I’m holding them from arrive (to where?), and why after all these steep climbs to the summit the guide gives me only 40 minutes? And why all those europeans are ok with this? Where is the team work and coperations?
I remember hiking in Nicaragua, I felt broken and told them that i have to get some rest.
One of the girls screamed at me: “you are gonna have all day to rest back at the hostel!”, and the time was 9am. “Where are you so rushing to?”, I asked her. “To go back! Finish with this already!”, she answered. I felt like screaming at her.
Why the hell did you even come? What about stoping, lying on the grass, breathing the fresh air of the mountains, looking at the clouds? what is there to do in this big and busy city that everybody are so stressed to go back to? and why all the group prefers to wait one hour on the bus watching movies instead of sitting in front of the most beautiful lagoon in south America and just chill?
It’s ok that each one will go in it’s own paste, and that each alpinist here or body builder will chalenge himself and check their limits and abilities but what is so bad with waiting to the turtles between us and letting them to breath in between ?
That way, everybody will enjoy from everything, the ones who run faster, will even enjoy the time even better!

Back at home and during all our childhood we’ve been taught to appreciate the nature.
Every time we went out traveling we used to go out early, walk slowly, spreading the time like chewed gum and stop in every view point, cliff or river for coffee, snacks, cameras, and just being!
This is how you enjoy the nature.
This is how you enjoy the moment.
After all, it will never come back again, and we might never come back here again, right?

What do you think? How do you prefer to hike and what is your favorite way enjoying the nature?

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