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Marketer or a storyteller?

Marketer or a storyteller?

Being a marketer or a business owner is sometimes like being a storyteller. But it is not only the content that matters it is also the way we deliver it.

So if you use content marketing as part of your marketing strategy (and if not you should!) – Here are three fundamental rules that will help you to improve your content marketing skills

1. Entertaining- First and for most, content should be entertaining, written in a fluent and smooth language. Since no one is going to read something that looks like a page in Wikipedia. But relax! No one expects you to be the next J.K.Roling, and your content does not necessarily need to sound like Shakspere. Content should be written straightforwardly and simply. Most important, it should evoke emotion within the reader.

2. Enriching – what makes people continue reading your content, or even enter your article in the first place? It teaches them something new and valuable. For that reason posts such as tips are so popular. However, it is crucial that the advice will be relevant to your target audience. For instance, “Three reasons to see Dubai” are probably not the best ad for an Israeli tourist company ?

3. Personal perspective and reliability – Writing from your personal perspective generate credibility. Speaking of a tourist company, let’s say that it will be extremely hard for you to write about a destination you never visited. Vice versa, it will be much easier to sell something that we have a lot of knowledge and experience about. Not only we will be much more persuasive, but also we will earn our customer’s trust.

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I am Or Tuvia, Founder and CEO of “Wishe” (former ypis), a social media platform that creates a connection between professional women all around the world and allows them to , create and promote their brand and connect with women all around the world, within the mission to help them make their passion to become a profitable business. I am a young woman working on my Master’s of Science in Marketing. After my two years with the IDF, I began to travel the world while also working remotely in the marketing field. I have many interests including fashion, wellness and the arts but couldn’t focus on one. Always being an ambitious person looking for direction, it was at this point of my life that I found my passion in life. That is the passion to write. However, I found myself lacking the platform to share my knowledge and experiences. My travels allowed me to meet like-minded women that also shared these same concerns. Now, while working on my Masters it came to me that I would like to create such a platform where women can not only share their passions with one another but also a platform that promotes them. My travels and experience have allowed me to build great communication skills with people of all walks of life. Furthermore, through my past experience, I have expertise in Marketing, Adwords, WordPress, as well as Brand Building. All of these attributes which I plan to share with professional women and to help further their endeavors.

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