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our routine is no routine

One of the things that parents fear the most is seeing the number of the school/kindergarten on the phone. Think about the number of times the teacher has called you because one of the kids fell/doesn’t feel good/ miss behaved. Now double it. Then triple it. That’s the number of times a get rushed to school because something happened…

Whenever my phone rings and I recognize the number I know that my day is about to change completely. In the past I used to get very upset but then I just started rescheduling, with a deep sigh…

I used to make believe they called me by mistake. That maybe if I won’t answer they won’t call again. But one thing I have learned for sure- not admitting the truth won’t make it go away…. My son goes to a regular school and studies in a regular class with a personal assistant. The other kids and the teacher treat him as equal- and that is how it should be. The assistant is a lot more that just that- she is already part of our family and she lets me know every day how he is doing. Whenever she notifies me that he hit or got into a fight I immediately call the other kids mother so she would know it/s taken care of. I also punish him if needed and always talk to the other child- that is how everybody knows we are not light headed about his behavior on one side- but that it’s not  always “the special child” fault on the other. I also ask in advance in what mood he is in before I arrive so I would know how to react with him.

This morning I received a message and I sighed before picking up the phone. Another fight? Crying? What happened now…? But the message was- “we went to a play and he sat the whole play in the dark with everyone and enjoyed!” maybe it’s a trivial message for most moms to receive. Maybe most of the moms didn’t even know they saw a play that day. But for my son, to sit down an entire play, in the dark and enjoy it- it’s exciting! And receiving that message was SO exciting!

Our daily routine is not having one. Anything can change in a matter of minutes, that is why I thank god for these special moments of a normal routine. And the messages and the calls from school? I’ll handle them while he handles doing his best for them not to need to call me anymore!





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