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How I Became the Masters of Not-Paying-Overweight?

5 Tips on How to Avoid Paying Over-Weight

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My child is a blessing, not a punishment

Years ago, before my son was diagnosed I read an article of a woman that has a little girl with autism. She was very angry with God- asking him why he put so much effort in making her girl so perfectly beautiful if he was going to mess everything up anyway. She felt she was being punished by God for something. A few years later I heard that same woman in a lecture and she said she feels differently now. She wasn’t and isn’t punished- she has been blessed. As much as it is difficult to understand why and how- I coeternally agree with the second approach- I have been blessed. My special child is my special blessing. He is a gift from God and the reason I received him as that God knew that I will be the best mother to him and that I would be able to cope. And I definitely cope. read more

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How to Empower Our Client by Creating Meaningful Content in Social Media

  “Social media marketing is a powerful tool. It is the most convenient and affordable communication channel. In today’s world, smart companies use social media to learn and adapt to the consumers’ habits and educate them about their products and/or services. Brands must have extensive, crosscutting appeal in order to grow their presence on social media and one of the ways to achieve it is through meaningful content. Consumers are looking for the brands that they can easily engage and identify with.” states professor Pietraszek, the Director of Asia-Pacific Programs, in the College of Business, Florida international University. read more

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Entrepreneur? how to wake up every morning and remind yourself you can do it

They don’t tell you how hard it is to believe in yourself I was reading some of these “so-called” motivation books, even watched some YouTube videos, they all tell you how important it is to set up goals, to work hard, to go all in and do not give up if you fail. They tell you how the greatest minds failed till they made it. They tell you how your mind creates the reality… and other countless motivation phrases (Or clichés?). They tell you that the most important thing is to believe in yourself. But what they never tell you is how hard it is. read more

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אתה לא יכול לעשות דברים רגילים ולצפות שמישהו יאהב אותך בצורה לא רגילה, אהבה כמו שלי ושלה  קוראת רק אחרי שאתה עובר את האש בשבילה ונשאר בחיים. * “וואי איך היא אוהבת אותך” “אין אחי היא מטורפת עלייך” אני חושב שמה שהכי הטריף אותי כשהם היו אומרים את זה היה הטון הזה  הכמעט המום שלהם, כן אני יודע מה אתם חושבים, מה לחנון כמוני ולדוגמנית-כוסית הזאת, מטר שישים וחמש של חוצפה מלאת ביטחון והפנים הכי יפות שתראו בחיים שלכם ואני, מטר שמונים של רזון חיוור, ופוני שמחליק על משקפיים מרובעות הייתי מהילדים שהיא הייתה זורקת עליהם טוטו בחטיבה, והיום אני מחזיק לה את היד לכל אורך שדרות בן גוריון עד שמגיעים למבנה המשופץ של הבימה, שם אנחנו יושבים על ספסל והפנתרה שהיא הייתה מקפלת ציפורניים ומתפנקת אצלי כאילו לא הייתה אלא גור חתולים read more

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Keyur Test Post

Hello We are Testing. please check it

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The Business of Breathing

  Take a deep breath.   Evidence of yoga dates back to 2700 BC and meditation to around 1500 BCE. Ancient mind and body practices that originated from Eastern religious or spiritual traditions are now mainstream practices and reap benefits at no cost (other than your time and a membership fee perhaps). Can you believe that?   How mainstream are we talking? Specialized boutique studios have opened all over major cities Website businesses Podcasts E-books Apps Corporate wellness programs Colleges     What are Complementary/Alternative Health Approaches?   The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) recently shared The National Health Interview Survey (NHIS). This survey is considered the main source of information on Americans’ health. The results validate the pop...Read More

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How to Enjoy Nature?

A Few years ago, I’ve seen a picture of this lagoon, don’t ever remember where.I didn’t know where is it in the world, but I promised myself, one day I”ll get there. So here I am. Actually, I never liked hiking so much for many reasons-the heat, sweat, heaviness on the back and pain in the muscles. However, I do remember the first time U went for a real one week “trek”, with hiking polls and everything, in Nepal.I remember the excitement of the first steps on the trail, and the views that were so different to me. “there! I’m doing it!”, I was thinking as the view of the Himalayas were stunning and amazing me. I enjoyed the experience so much that since then I just conquered more and more summits in the Mountains of Asia, hiked between b...Read More

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Young Professional international Society- Women Share Ideas and Content Regarding their True Interest and Passions.

My passion is to write, as it allows me to share my personal experiences and thoughts with the rest of the world. As I am always coming up with ideas, I feel the need to share them with other like minded people. Business, fashion and health are among some of the topics I like to write about. Even though I am not an expert in any of these specific topics, I still feel that I can contribute a small amount to each one. Unfortunately, in most of the cases these ideas stay hidden, as I find myself lacking a forum to share such ideas. Myself included, I know a many intelligent young women who have great ideas and great ability to express these by writing. Unfortunately, most of these smart ideas are lost due to a lack of a proper place to share them and allow them grow. Although the world in con...Read More

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