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Sometimes food IS a comfort

This weekend was hard. Difficult, Challenging. Just when you think you’ve got it all together and everything is ok, comes a fall- that you haven’t expected and ruins it all.

Now I know, although he has been doing a great job and the progress is wonderful- his difficulties did not disappear and they will always be with him. I also know that they usually come when I least expect them. But knowing this does not make things easier. Not at all.

The weekend started great, ewe had family time and it was fun, he and his sister had a sleepover at my parents with their cousin and had a great time. And then we had an invitation for lunch up north, less than a two hour drive but still too long of a drive for him. And it was hard. He was cranky and upset about everything which made the way there very hard but the way back was HORIBBLE.

Now I know that kids don’t like long rides. And I also know it isn’t hard to go on a road trip with “regular” kids. But our situation is a bit different. Because of his difficulty to regulate his senses properly- if he is cold- he is VERY cold. If he is hungry he wants to eat NOW. And so on and so on… So whatever he wanted he started yelling and crying- and you cannot get mad because it won’t help but sometimes I can’t hold myself. I try to explain but he’s sort of stuck in his own “bubble” hearing me but not listening. Not completely understanding.

We arrived home finally, nerve wrecked and upset. All of us but him. Once it’s over for him he’s back to himself and forgets what happened. When I tucked him in at night I talked to him- not knowing exactly what he understands or takes in from the situation but its still important to do so. So I do it all the time.

And this morning, after putting them to school I took myself out for a cup of coffee and a doughnut. Sometime food IS a comfort!

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