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All we need is just a little patience…

When I was younger one of my favorite songs was Guns & Roses “Patience” (still is) who would of thought that this word will define my life.

Having a special child at home means so many things but it especially and mostly means one word that sums it all up- Patience!

I can get mad sometimes.

I can raise my voice or even shout

I can lose my temper and be mad with him even though he didn’t really mean it

I can and I do. I’m only human after all…

But most of the time- almost all of the times I remind myself that the best way, the only way is patience.

Breath, go out for a walk. Clear your mind. Smoke something. Drink a glass of wine. Sleep. Run. Write. But don’t take it out on him or any other person- be patient!

And when I do, when I am patient it works like magic. He listens. He learns. He tries. He gets better.

He is a magical child. One day all of the world will see it, but till then- all we need is just a little patience….


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  1. Pacience is importemnt, not only with kids with everything in life !

  2. All we need is patience

  3. מדהימה ומרגשת , מחזקת אותך :-*


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