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Magical Music in India

I hate when they ask me which country I liked best, or what was the highlight of my trip.
Each country was so different from the other, with so many different landscapes and other people that I can’t even try to compare and certainly not to choose. Each country was associated with entirely different people, places, and experiences.
But if there is a word in which I define India, it will be music.

The music that suddenly returned to my life, the music I can’t live without. This music that was always a part of my life but like an unfaithful lover always comes and goes.
In India, almost every day I played for at least a few hours, happy songs and melancholy songs, songs about travels and songs about relationships, songs about family and old loves, and even I had an experience of composing and writing.
I learned to play Yokalala, which became the only partner who stuck with me almost from the beginning and stayed with me until the end of the trip. I sang in public, something I had never done before and even drummed on a drum and sang Indian mantras with the Agate of Bhagsu.
India wasn’t the country I loved the most.
I got there emotionally broke and got out of it a bit stronger. But… the music world, I should give it credit.
So, thank you Mama India for bringing back this precious charm to my life.

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