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Secrets to Success for Female Entrepreneurs

Secrets to Success for Female Entrepreneurs:

A Social Media “Queen” Shares her Top Techniques

Let’s talk about the one thing many of us have in common, social media.

This year there are 3.2 billion social media users. Yes, I typed billion.

How can women capitalize on this area of opportunity by utilizing their brand’s social media accounts?  

We asked Nancy Richmond, a social media marketing expert to help us.

Allow us to introduce her. She’s a veteran influencer. Richmond’s social media accounts have thousands of followers and connections. Her professional background is in career development. She worked at MIT, helping students and professionals’ build their personal brands. Currently, she is a professor at FIU, teaching and researching social media.

She’s the queen of social media so we picked her brain to find out what her secret is to rule digital platforms.

Here she shares her insight on social media topics such as lead generation, organic growth, and motivation.

Take your paper and pen out because you’re going to want to take notes. Trust us.

How to Strategize on Social Media

Don’t use social media just to use social media!

You have to have a vision, and you have to kind of think about what is your vision and then from there, you have to figure what is your strategy going to be. To pick your social media channel  you need to think about your target audience:

Who is your target market? What is the age group? Depending on the target market, people are going to be on different channels.

Also-What is your goal? What is your purpose when using social media.

How do I Convert Followers to Leads?

You can’t just “get followers” it doesn’t happen that way. It takes time. Think about building social media before you even need the social media. Start early. One of the things with business is it’s not just about selling your business but it’s about talking about the story behind your business.

How did you get where you are? People want to see. Share it. Even if you haven’t launched your product or service yet. Start telling the story about how you are developing that product.

When people start building trust with you, that’s when it starts converting. We know people trust other people’s opinions about your product more likely than if they trust an advertisement.

You really want to build that word of mouth about your product or service. Create that word of mouth by creating authentic engagement on social media!

How do I Gain Followers Organically?  

It’s work. It takes time. You have to put in the effort. You have to put resources into it.

Make sure you have quality videos and photographs.

Are you interesting? Don’t be boring! No one wants to be sold stuff. They don’t want to constantly see you are selling a product.

They want to follow somebody who is telling a story, who is interesting, who is engaging with them. There’s a rule that it should be 25% selling and 75% engaging. So make sure you’re at least 75% engaging.

We all know what we do when someone is just selling stuff. We unfollow them. No one wants to be sold stuff all the time. Giving away free information is a great way to get people onboard. Give them something for free.

How Can Female Entrepreneurs Support Each Other?

I think that women need to support other women more.

I went to a women’s leadership conference for faculty and it was so helpful to get other strategies from other women and the support from other women and I think a social platform for professional women, such as Wishe, is an amazing idea!

Part of the support is giving suggestions but also the encouragements..

If you have mentors, that can be very, VERY helpful. We all need mentors. I have a mentor. We all need women mentors around us. That’s not just one person. When things go wrong or right, you need to have a set of a group of people around you to really help push you to the next level, to push you to the next place.

A social network can really do that because it helps you feed and get different ideas. Every time I don’t know what to do, I ask at least four other people, what should I do with this to get four different answers and then depending on the answers, I make a decision on what to do.

Women may feel more comfortable to share their challenges with other women. Women need to have trust and to feel safe. I think those are important. I think it’s a great opportunity for women to really support each other, share content and hang out with each other and have fun. If you’re not having fun on social media, then you’re not going to want to do it. Life has to be fun I think.

Did you enjoy all the secrets? No need to thank us.

To hear more social media tips and tricks, register here to receive the full interview to your email within 24 hours: https://mywishe.com/register/

Follow Nancy Richmond on instagram @drnancyrichmond

Or visit her website https://www.nancyrichmond.com/

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