About us

Wishe is a social network that combines meaningful content and women in business; it targets professional women and inspires them to promote their brand and reach an international audience.


Whether you have an idea or a dream, or you have already started to build your brand,

YPiS is the only social network for you: professional woman. Wishe gives you the platform to

Create & Promote your brand ,And connect with women all around the world.


my name is Or Tuvia, I’m a master of marketing student and specialize in online marketing. I created Wishe a new social network for women, my goal is to empower women and help them build their brand and fulfill themselves.

How does it work? Wishe uniqueness is the combination of three elements: platform to share meaningful content (generate brand awareness and differentiation) business portfolio (consideration level) & coupons (drive call to action).


Today’s marketing approach is about educating and enriching the client and about segmentation. How?  By sharing meaningful content such as tips, knowledge, and advice that will reach the right audience- women. Each woman can be her own promoter and share her experience, that’s how she builds herself as a brand. Also, since Wishe is divided into categories, users can choose to exposed to relevant content only.


Second, Business id- instead of building a website or blog and worry about design and traffic. in Wishe you can create a portfolio that is both visual and textual. You can share articles, pictures, and videos. Someone saw a video you shared? Here she can learn more about you and your brand.


Finally, drive call to action by sharing special coupons with other YPiS members all around the world. since Wishe aims to promote also women with a low, or with no, marketing budget, we don’t charge for advertising. instead we charge a commission of 5% of each deal, only when it occurs; the women pay only if they earn.

The coupons will also create traffic on the website: if someone doesn’t visit the site for the content, she will come for the special coupons.

My dream is to inspire women around the world to make their passion become a profitable business. My ultimate goal? Help women do what they love, and make money from it!

So stop #Wish start #Do

Website link: http://mywishe.com


About me.

My name is Or Sunny Tuvia.
when I started my Master of marketing, I was looking for a platform where I can build my personal and professional brand as a creative businesswoman by sharing content in topics that I am passionate about: from marketing to fashion and wellness.
Since I was not able to find one, I decided to create Wishe- a free social network, a Safe environment for women to share content and build their personal and professional brand.

I hope you will join me and be part of my dream.

Yours, Or

Founder of Wishe